The Mobile 2.0 Event

I’m sure it’s hardly a secret any more that I’ve been working with Daniel Appelquist from MoMo London to put together a one day event right before Web 2.0. Apparently the time has come to take the wrapps off it, although I see now that I’ve already been scooped.. and I’m one of the organizers for the event. Madness!! So here it is, I’ll deliver it in MoMo standard format even though it’s not a standard MoMo event:

  • What: The Mobile 2.0 Conference
  • When: November 6th, 8:30am to 5pm
  • Where: Grand Hyatt San Francisco, 345 Stockton Street, San Francisco, California, 94108
  • Who: People in mobile interested in the web side, and people working on the web interested in mobile
  • Cost: $45 for the day long event

Unfortunately we couldn’t make the event completely free, but thanks to lots of legwork on Dan’s part and lots of support from The Open Group, we are able to put it on for really really cheap given that it’s a full day event. Which was really important to me, cause I didn’t want people to think this was just another of the run of the mill tech conferences where everyone pays an obscene amount of money to hear what’s effectively a bunch of marketing from companies they already know about. We’ve definitely gotten big companies involved as sponsors, but they’ve brought stuff to the table that’s outside of what you normally hear from them.

It’s not all about the speakers though. Like the MoMo events we have every month here, the presentations are meant to kick off conversations involving everyone who comes to the event. We’re planning for a lot more people at Mobile 2.0 than we normally get at the MoMo events, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the same kind of spirit. We picked the venue based not on just the convenient downtown location, but also because the hotel itself has plenty of areas for breakout discussions to happen between the attendees and outside the presentations. So of course I’m looking to get people involved who aren’t just going to sit in the presentations and then wander off, but who are coming looking for a conversation and interaction.

I’ve personally sent out a bunch of emails to people I know who are active in the mobile/web crossover world, but I can’t hit everyone. So please, if you know folks who should be at an event like this pass the info along to them.

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  1. Awesome, Mike! I will try to attend. Also, if you need help from Mobile Monday Austin, and the Austin Wireless Alliance, let me know!


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