The Nokia E62 Explained

Most of us techies who are fans of the E61, or own one, have been lamenting the E62 model that will actually grace the honest to goodness shelves at Cingular. The 6680 is just about the only Nokia model running Symbian out on the US market, so we’re happy to see Nokia making some progress. However most, myself included, were disappointed that the version available in the US was going to be “gutted”. Missing most of the features that made it interesting in the first place, like 802.11. But Carlo provides an excellent explanation of what’s going on, reaction to price sensitivity. Nice, thanks Carlo, excellent points, makes total sense what they’re going for.

Now, is it realistic? Can the gutted version of the device go head to head with a Treo or a Blackberry? Take the wifi out of the E61 and I think I would still take it over the alternatives. I actually do use the applications on my smartphone, I’m just one of those freaks like that. But as Carlo points out the price tag on the E62 actually undercuts the Treo and Blackberry. Does it make for a good device for the non-corporate road warrior? Guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

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  2. I still believe the main problem is that Wi-Fi is bad news to carriers right now, as it works around their main revenue generator, which is voice, and roaming charges etc. Because Wi-Fi is not well understood by carriers (how to monetize it or manage it), they disable/cripple it. Similar story to Bluetooth, where it is crippled in some handsets/networks.


  3. Lillian says:

    I have never had a cell phone with Wi-Fi, so the main feature that people are complaining about is not an issue to me. “You don’t miss what you’ve never had,” they say. That said, I love my Nokia E62.

    I sold my BlackBerry for more than the cost of the Nokia, so that plus the rebate and Cingular’s 2-year plan discount means I’m geting this phone FREE. I considered switching to Verizon to get the Treo 700w, but the Nokia (despite some flaws) is the deciding factor in my remaining with Cingular.

  4. jsh says:

    i love the wi-fi in the N70, and I suspect that no wifi will come to the US in phones for a while, simply because of the way wi-fi is used: 1) I avoid using the GPRS data allocation for my phone to web access, and 2) I use the Nokia in VOIP mode to make calls when I am in my defined access point groups – thereby reducing my minutes consumed with Cingular.

  5. ad rulezz says:

    can anyone tell me can i have themes on nokia e62

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