Quick Mobile Monday Wrapup

It’s late already, but there was a lot of great stuff at the MoMo demo night this evening that I want to at least get down somewhere. So here’s the raw dump.

Zypsy has a text messaging service overlaid with location based and social network filters, with the goal of providing “classified” style listings and facilitating responses. You can use it for unstructured messages, but the key seems to be using structured messages for particular goals which get filtered through a matching engine to try to introduce the right listers to the right responders. I’m registered as mikerowehl at gmail dot com, add me if you’re signed up for the service too.

The folks from Mozes showed off their wisdom of the crowd style question answering service. Text a message with a question to MOZES (66937) and it goes out to a bunch of folks to get an answer. You get 3 responses back to your handset, but no more so that you don’t get swamped. However all the other responses go to the website so you can still get them. Looks like they have a nice little community of answers going already.

Omar did a live demo of AdMob, showing what’s become one of our standard short demo setups. Run ten dollars of money across the network directing clicks to a very simple landing page asking people for their email address. The ten dollars turn into 200 clicks in a matter of just a few seconds, and there are between 20 and 30 emails sitting on the site after just a minute or two. People don’t respond the same way on mobile as they do on the web. Everyone thinks we’re faking the demo when we show it, so sign up using this promo link and you get twenty dollars to test it out with for yourself.

Paul from wapTags showed off the social bookmarking site for mobile content they put up. They give you links to the popular terms and tags to make it easy to just surf around and find new stuff, give you a search box to enter what you want, directly in case you’re into that whole text entry thing, and provide navigation between related concepts. You can find other folks who have searched on the same terms, find related terms, and bookmark your favorite stuff.

Jordy from Digital Chocolate showed off Tower Bloxx, one of their “one button” games. The whole casual gaming area as a whole is pretty interesting, and DChoc seems to be pulling up some interesting stuff.

Lee from 4Info showed off some of the SMS based query services they run, described some of the notification services they’ve been working on, and clued us in to a super secret “text me” widet you can add to your webpages. They have a bunch of existing alert styles – sports, weather, package tracking, and your own customer reminders you can schedule to get delivered to your phone. Cool deal.

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    Is very good wap site

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