250 Million Mobile Pageviews per Month

At AdMob we’re ending up the month of August with a quarter of a billion pageviews per month in inventory in the advertising network. That’s a lot of mobile activity no matter how you slice it. What really gets my juices flowing is that these are all independent application and service providers looking to make some money off what they’re doing directly. In particular some of the advertisers we have simply had no other options for getting info about their offering out in the market. In some cases they were hoping to get carrier deals or establish a relationship with a publisher. But now they can throw a few dollars in an AdMob account and get the word out directly. It’s definitely a new way to promote within mobile, and it seems to be working out very well.

Sign up for an account using our 250million promotion and you’ll get 20 dollars of free money to play around with. Free money, how can you beat that? Give it a shot and see what your response rate is like, most people are pleasantly surprized. It’s not that there’s no mobile market out there, it’s just kinda hard to reach with the tools we had a few months ago. That’s starting to change for the better however.

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  1. charlie says:

    wow. that’s just super.

  2. anne marie says:


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