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Russell pointed out TextMarks in a recent post, and I poked around with a bit during the week. But it was just this evening that I had really dug in. The TextMark thing is interesting on it’s own, being able to generate a keyword assocated with an SMS request is interesting stuff. Be it shortcode + keyword + content management as delivered by Mozes or keyword to web query as delivered by 411sync. We actually find aspects of both in the TextMark setup.

You really need to take a spin through the help page and read the random points there in order to understand what they’re up to. At least that’s what it took for me to realize the extent of what they have there. Taking a look at that set of commands a whole different mode of interaction becomes apparent. There’s also subscribe to keywords and send alerts to keywords, enabling conversations with adhoc groups over SMS, something like what PartySync has been up to for a while. Interesting, very interesting.

All told, I think TextMarks is getting a lot further toward the general SMS services API that I’ve been looking for out of Google and Yahoo. Yahoo has the RSS to SMS they released a while ago, Google has the Dodgeball team locked away in a basement somewhere apparently never to see the light of day again, but neither has pulled the whole set together and made the necessary generic magic pudding of SMS goodness we can spread all over. This is a decent step in that direction, and I think the groups are going to be the key that makes this interesting long term.

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  2. jonathan says:

    sounds nice that someone is giving services for free. but what’s the business model. is it 1999 again?

  3. miker says:

    Ah yes, the good old business model. Certainly when compared to the business model of the carriers – rape your customers, rape your content providers, and if you have time left over rape your partners – the business model of someone like TextMarks looks pretty shakey. But they’re providing what I think is a useful service in the style of interaction that people are looking for. In a normal sane world the carriers would see that providing a value-add service like TextMarks drives additional messaging traffic through their network and nets them more revenue. However under the current model it is a bit of a crapshoot if they manage to find a way to make money before getting crushed. That’s why I, as a mobile enthusiast, refuse to sit back and let good idea after good idea go unfulfilled because someone came up with a crappy system for delivering mobile services and then managed to get laws made around it.

  4. Dorrian says:

    Mike – If you get the chance, do cruise over to our wiki and start to play around with Mozes Api. http://wiki.mozes.com/developer/index.php/Main_Page Lots of work and explaining to go, but there are some great use cases beyond content deposits. Our VP Development just had twins this past week, but he’s got some great stuff to further seed the wiki with in the coming weeks. All of course in your spare time… :)

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  6. Ken Miks says:

    Hi, I have been looking around for an api I can use to provide google search Via SMS in kenya. any clues? Rgds all

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