Pre-CTIA Mixer in LA

I’m probably going to skip out on much of CTIA itself, but I am going to be down in LA for the party! Well, the pre-party at least. Mario from Mobile Monday LA is throwing a mixer the night before along with the Finnish Consul General. We’re AdMobbing the MECCA Billboard event the day before CTIA, and it sounds like there are going to be some fantastic folks at the mixer so I get to hang out for that. Then it’s straight back to mind the fort however, so I won’t be around for much of CTIA itself. Omar and some of the rest of the crew are going to be there for the whole shindig though, so send them an email if you want to setup a time to talk.

I used to live down in LA for about a year and a half, but it’s been a good five years or so since I set foot in the town. Of course, I’ve lost touch with just about everyone down there. The mixer should be a great party. AdMob is giving a presentation, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be ;-)

If you’re going to be in town for the conference the night before, come by and check it out. RSVP! Otherwise apparently security will bounce you, bum’s rush I’m assuming. Always looks like fun when they do it on the Simpson’s, but I’m betting that’s one of the things that just looks like fun when it’s not happening to you. If you make it out there come grab me for a chat, especially if we’ve never met. I’ll probably be wearing a “Mobile Geeks Rule” shirt or something equivalently geeky. Unless we get our official AdMob schwag before then, in which case I will be representin’.

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  1. Aliza says:

    Hi, was looking around for more party info to add to my company’s Tech Party List for CTIA, and I came across your post. Thought you might be interested in

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