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Text Messaging for Giveaways

I was flipping through radio stations the other day and heard a competition where they were giving away some kind of promotional item. I do think it was something big, but I forget what. What caught my attention was that … Continue reading

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250 Million Mobile Pageviews per Month

At AdMob we’re ending up the month of August with a quarter of a billion pageviews per month in inventory in the advertising network. That’s a lot of mobile activity no matter how you slice it. What really gets my … Continue reading

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3Jam SMS Messaging

After taking a look at TextMarks yesterday, I poked around 3Jam a bit today. They’ve definitely gone after the adhoc group messaging end of things. The basic usage is pretty simple: send a message to a group of friends to … Continue reading

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TextMarks – SMS API

Russell pointed out TextMarks in a recent post, and I poked around with a bit during the week. But it was just this evening that I had really dug in. The TextMark thing is interesting on it’s own, being able … Continue reading

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E61 Firmware Update?

There’s been some info floating around about an e61 firmware update, a whole revision number even: 2.618.06.05. Everyone has been watchiing the phone software update page to see if the E61 appears on the list. Which I find vaguely amusing, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Themes in Mobile

John Kern and I met up last weekend to talk about some of the overall ideas that keep popping up in terms of mobile and how to help folks (ourselves included) navigate some of the upcoming issues. The open source … Continue reading

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Pre-CTIA Mixer in LA

I’m probably going to skip out on much of CTIA itself, but I am going to be down in LA for the party! Well, the pre-party at least. Mario from Mobile Monday LA is throwing a mixer the night before … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Prototypes

Slashdot had a pointer to an article at BusinessWeek about some recent cell phone prototypes. They involve some interesting stuff like gesture recognition and flexible displays. Some of the stuff looks like it could be interesting. I’m not sure I … Continue reading

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Wifi, Apache, Obexftp, E61

Now that it’s possible to connect a device over Wifi instead of cellular (or TCP/IP over Bluetooth) the Apache on S60 effort is a bit more interesting. When I first heard about it one of my initial thoughts was to … Continue reading

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Verizon EV-DO Update

I’ve been living for the last week with a Verizon EV-DO card as my primary access mechanism at home. And of course I’ve been plopping myself down in random places and trying it out on the go as well. I … Continue reading

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