W3C Shakeup

Some of the folks long involved with the W3C have been wandering or stomping away as of late. The problem seems to be detachment from the “ordinary designers and developers” on the part of the organization. I’m struggling to figure out what that means for the Mobile Web Initiative. Good or bad?

Being beholden to corporate paymasters might be seen as a good thing by the companies most directly related to making the mobile web available to the general public (carriers and manufacturers). But on the other hand I think mobile reality is already lagging behind mobile vision once again, just like it was 6 years ago. Mobile services aren’t going to be able to promise the world and deliver 10% of it at 56k. We need to actually deliver this time around or we might never get a crack the the consumer public again.

That means that the infrastructure (of which I consider the browser and mobile web standards two of the most key bits) is going to have to show the kind of malleability and rapid evolution that made the fixed web spread like wildfire. Put that way I suppose the W3C never really stood a chance.

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