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50 Million Mobile Ads Served!!

This evening we’ve passed one of the milestones I’ve had my eye on for a while, 50 million ads served at AdMob!!! I snapped this screen capture to document the momentus occasion and doctored it up with the full benefit … Continue reading

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One Something Per Child

David Beers has an interesting post about the One Laptop Per Child project (linked from the Carnival or the Mobilists this week, check out the other posts too, lots of good stuff!). It’s amazing how much you can agree in … Continue reading

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Maemo 2006 Application Repository List

The application manager in the new OS release for the Nokia 770 really rocks. However I always have trouble searching up the application repository list for Maemo. I’ve seen a bunch of postings online from folks who also seem to … Continue reading

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E61 Active Standby Rocks

I’ve been a huge fan of the active standby screen in the recent S60 devices (that’s the ‘default’ screen that you see on your phone when it’s doing nothing else, which includes appointments, inbox items, todos, some shortcut icons for … Continue reading

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Nokia E61 + Gmail + TMobile

Seeing as how I couldn’t get my typical email setup working well on the E61, I decided to poke around with some alternatives. I’ve been using Google Mail to get notifications for work already. They have an option to forward … Continue reading

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Cellular Networks and Net Neutrality

I tend to spout off about openness in the carrier networks and how I think enough applications would flourish to outweigh the downsides. So it’s always nice to see someone potentially even closer to the problem kick in a very … Continue reading

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A Day on the Road with the E61

I’ve been using the E61 for only a short while. I got it Friday evening, so today is my first work day with the device. A few problems have cropped up, which I’m putting up in the interest of either … Continue reading

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A Buncha E61 Info

This evening was the first time I was able to sit down with the E61 and fool around with it. I’ve pretty much just gone through some of the basics in terms of getting the applications I like installed on … Continue reading

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E61 – The Madness Begins

I stayed home today to wait for my E61 to arrive from Amazon. I figured it was a short wait. When I got up this morning I was greeted with this latest line on the tracking page: Jul 21, 2006 … Continue reading

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Howard Rheingold Interview

There’s a good interview with Howard Rheingold up at ZDnet: Of course, I believe that open technologies like the Internet promote innovation and provide political, economic, and cultural opportunities to entire populations that used to be reserved for elites, and … Continue reading

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