April 2006 Mobile Monday – Flash and SVG

I just posted the details for the April 2006 Mobile Monday meeting. I think it’s going to be an interesting one. I had a bunch of folks at MoMo meetings ask about Flash and SVG, and once I started passing the idea along found a lot of attendees were already involved with Flash and/or SVG. So we really got to pick and choose presenters this time, and got recommendations together, and I think really ended up with a well balanced (and small) set of presentations.

Like I said in the post however, I’m interested in finding what others in the audience think about using Flash or SVG for their application. Many handsets can run Flash and/or SVG now, but how many do it out of the box? If they don’t have the necessary bits pre-installed how easy is it to bundle everything up into a simple install for users? How does that affect the cost of your app? For the average consumer application I just don’t see folks going to pay for a runtime Flash environment so that they can run any app. There’s just no killer app out there that would drive that kind of effort.

So that’s the first question I’m going in with: what does the packaging and install process look like typically? My secondary question is as a developer of primarily open source stuff: how does Flash/SVG development fit into that world?

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