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The Series 60 SDK vs. Linux

I don’t have a Windows system, I don’t want a Windows system, I will not get a Windows system. I would however like to create software for my phone, a Nokia 6680. Java and now Python are options. But I … Continue reading

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LBS – Not quite there yet

We had a location based services focused Mobile Monday at the start of the week. There were some great presentations, people working on interesting stuff and some promising work going on. But I have to admit that my overall takeaway … Continue reading

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Linux Motorola Phones

There’s an article at NewsForge about Linux on Motorola cell phones and the lack of native applications: The big question is, what does Motorola gain by obstructing willing developers from bringing software to their platform? Actually, it’s not that much … Continue reading

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Google Local Mobile on TMobile

Up until a few days ago I wasn’t able to use Google Local for Mobile on TMobile (or the other Google Maps app Mobile GMaps. Which I found very very odd. I had Mobile GMaps installed for months before the … Continue reading

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Yet Still More Mobile Advertising

I’ve posted about mobile advertising a few times recently already: Mobile Ads AdMob More Mobile Advertising And now Oliver has posted a discussion between him and Omar that I want to comment on. First of all, the setup with mobile … Continue reading

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