Source Code for Python for Series60?

I saw in the developer newsletter from Nokia that they’ve released the source code to Python. No download link in the newsletter though, so I did a search and ended up at Andrew Lampert’s post:

A quick search of SourceForge suggests that the PyS60 project seems to be this announced project. Unfortunately, it currently has no sourcecode, or indeed any files, available for download. The Nokia Open Source site similarly has a Python for S60 page setup, but no source code available yet. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the software to match Nokia’s release though – if anyone else has already located it, please leave a comment!

Hmm. A closer reading of the newsletter reveals that Nokia has “agreed to release” the source code. Which, by the way, would make the title for the entry inaccurate. The title says that Nokia has released the source code. Cmon, just release the stuff, then put out announcements.

So, that out of the way, I think this is fantastic news. I would love to see how the port was done, I’m curious how deep the changes are. And I’m sure it’ll provide a great base for others to build on.

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  1. cyke64 says:

    Hello ,

    Now the source code of py_s60(1.3.1) is released on the 27 january 2006 :-)
    Download it and make comments !

    News :
    • Better doc (in latex files)
    • New attribute focus, 5.1.4, Application Type.
    • Support for float values in query and Form, 5.1.3, Module Level Functions and 5.1.5, Form Type
    • Global note in note, 5.1.3, Module Level Functions.
    • Setting the device time, 4.1.1, Module Level Functions.
    • New type Ao_timer, 4.1.3, Ao timer Type.
    • Section 6.4, inbox Module has been added.
    • New functionality in Sound, 6.1.1, Sound Objects.

  2. miker says:

    So where is it? I checked the Nokia open source site, checked sourceforge, checked the Forum Nokia download page. Not in any of those places. Where can I get it from?

  3. cyke64 says:

    Hello again ,

    Miker , check this address and enjoy :-)

  4. Artioma says:

    Preved! Nice resourse! Kagdila? I’m medved

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