I barely even know how to start reacting to a writeup like this one. It hits really hard right off the bat with an amazingly clueless statement: “The mobile Internet is a different experience from the PC Internet — as it should be.” Riiiiight. No seamless mesh of information devices here, no borderless flow of personalization and services. Everyone wants their mediums and platforms and applications partitioned off and all seperated into little buckets? Funny, that’s not normally how I hear it go down.

Then it goes on to compare the Google personalized homepage to (and it took me a little while to figure out what was being compared here) Yahoo! Go. Whoa. Google has chosen xHTML and Yahoo uses a dedicated application? For what? What in the name of all that is holy is this guy talking about? Google is using xHTML to sync my address book between my phone and their online service? How can this comparison even be made?

I mostly use Yahoo through the browser interface. I’ve fooled around with Go, and there’s some cool stuff there. But Yahoo hasn’t started constricting users to the application in order to use the mobile interface. I get my personalised content through the Yahoo mobile portal, with my news preferences and a summary of my waiting email, just the way I do with the Google personal page I just setup. Hell, if I don’t login at the Yahoo portal I still get a ton of useful services I can access directly from my phone. When I hit the Google personal pages without an account I get a login page and a message telling me to go to a computer if I want to sign up.

Now I like poking fun at Yahoo just as much as the next person. Sometimes I do it just to get back at Russ for poking fun at Ning. But this just seems, irresponsible I guess. If you want to poke at Yahoo go for it, but at least make some sense in the process.

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2 Responses to Forrester?

  1. Great article! I am new to your blog and I like what I see. I look forward to your future work. Thanks.

  2. charlie says:


    this guy is clearly clueless. it was a reallly krappy analysis. don’t waste any energy over it.



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