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November Mobile Monday

Our next Silicon Valley Mobile Monday is going to be at AOL in Mountain View. Topic is funding and investment, and we’re still looking for some speakers. Let me know (miker at bitsplitter dot net) if you have a topic … Continue reading

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Feature Grabbag vs. Platform

There’s a post on Slashdot about the failure of PDAs in the iPod era. I don’t have any time to blog it proper today, but here’s the simple answer : The PDA is a grabbag of features, the iPod is … Continue reading

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Nokia 770

I managed to get my hands on one of the devices I’ve been lusting after, the Linux based Nokia 770 tablet. I uploaded a few images to go along with the story. First things first. The screen is beautiful. Simply … Continue reading

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Gahbunga Up For Sale

The mobile social software site Gahbunga is apparently up for auction on EBay. Looks like the auction is very new as of this writing. Starting bid is set at $2,500 and there are no offers yet. So how much do … Continue reading

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I think it’s at least as important to look at failures as it is to look at success. In that spirit I think it’s essential that everyone not avert their eyes when witnessing the ongoing flaming wreckage which is Bluetooth. … Continue reading

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Mobile and Desktop

I think this offering of both mobile and desktop versions bundled is pretty interesting. Not the pricing model at all, but the idea of a purchase/offer spanning multiple environments. I’m hoping we see a lot more of this. It shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Mobile computing vs. Mobile living

Charlie has a great post titled Mobile Computing vs. Mobile living, although I might have called it “Mobile devices vs Mobile platform”. It calls out the distinction again of background vs foreground devices. There are definitely infrastructure differences required for … Continue reading

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Winksite Conversations

Charlie Schick posted about some of the stuff going on at Winksite. I’ve posted about tying together the mobile and desktop versions, and I think the embeddable widget is a great move. There are some quirks still, like all the … Continue reading

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Social Software Going Mobile

I moderated a panel on social software last week and got to talk to a bunch of interesting people, both on the panel and in the audience. I just want to get down a bunch of the stuff we spoke … Continue reading

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OSDL Mobile Linux Initiative

The OSDL is supposed to be launching an initiative to bring Linux to mobile phones on Monday. Fantastic news! The article does a good job of outlining some of the technical challenges. Power management under Linux has been something that … Continue reading

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