Niall hooked me up with a WordPress.com invite, which I converted into miker.wordpress.com. I wanted to check out how they had it setup, there seemed to be some interesting slickness in and about the admin area. It’s a nice setup, but I’m a pre-biased WordPress fan. I didn’t want to just use up an early invite to play with stuff, so in the interest of helping out here’s how to setup Vagablog to post to a wordpress.com blog:

  • Go to the Server settings under the Options menu. The Host to enter is the domain name of your blog (in my case this was miker.wordpress.com), set the URL to “/xmlrpc.php” (don’t forget the leading slash), and set Type to WordPress.
  • Now go to Identity, also under Options. Set your username and password.
  • Tap on the Blog List button, and then the Refresh button on the screen that pops up. Refreshing the list of blogs is the first time Vagablog actually hits the server, so if you now see the name of your blog in the list everything should be working fine. Select your blog in the list, it’s probably the only one, and tap OK.
  • Now you should be able to enter in a post title and text and post it. The category stuff should work, though I haven’t tried it. It used to be that the XMLRPC calls expected the number of the category and name didn’t work, not sure if that’s the case still or not.

There ya go! Image upload would rock. It would rock like ten times as much if someone else wrote it and gave me a patch for it. I’m kinda busy these days.

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