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Fwing Photo Upload MIDlet for 6600 and 6680

One of my long standing pet peeves is that I can’t set tags when I send a photo from my phone. There were some postings a while ago about a MIDlet that posted to Flickr, but I couldn’t find it. … Continue reading

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Mobile Game Panel in Palo Alto

There’s a panel on mobile gaming in Palo Alto next week. Mike Nelson, the moderator, spoke at the games focused Mobile Monday in March. Him and I met up before the event and talked some about mobile games as a … Continue reading

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Five Best Practices for Mobile Media Download Usability

Russ and I went over to the BayCHI event this evening, which included a presentation about running a usability study for mobile services. Here are the five distilled best practices that came out of the data Scott has been collecting: … Continue reading

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Mobile Demos – Grabbing Attention vs. Creating a Stir

The July Mobile Monday was a huge success. Some of the presenters complained about having to compress their demos down to 10 minutes, but everyone (and I mean, literally, EVERYONE) in the audience really like a the pace of the … Continue reading

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