Vagablog Released as Open Source

I won the Treo 650 in the raffle at Palm DevCon a few weeks ago. I’ve also been bitching to folks at Palm about how they need to do a better job seeding their developer community. Not serving, seeding. There definitely is a difference. So of course I needed a way to show how a good toy in the hands of the right person could potentially make a difference. There were a bunch of people blogging the event with software that cost $25 per copy. Lightbulb over the head, halo of light, cue the organ music. That seemed like the logical place to start! Especially given that I had blogging software of my own to start out with. For a while (since 2003) I’ve been selling a simple Palm blogging app through online stores for a few dollars a copy. It wasn’t making me any money anyway, and I think a good blogging app for the 650 would really kick some ass. Something people could hack on and extend and come up with novel usages for. I figured I would toss my hat into the ring and release a free version of Vagablog along with the source code. There’s another tool out there called Plogit, maybe we can merge in some of that stuff. I’m assuming I don’t even have to really mention the really obvious stuff, like getting Vagablog to download pasts posts and store them in a local DB or getting it to support image uploads. I’m more interested in the not obvious stuff like audio and video blogging, scheduled uploading, calls to a service like the AJAX spell checker or other server side checker, or extending forms to allow mixing in microformats when posting.

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  1. john ford says:

    A couple of days ago I started checking out the 4 available palm blogging apps. After much frustration, weeping-wailing and gnashing of teeth with the other 3, I tried Vagablog. IMHO: It’s the best of the 4. Sure, maybe it doesn’t have file upload (hell, I’ll use fliker for that) and as many bells and whistles, it still was the least difficult to figure out and get set up. Thank you for OS it. My big request (if the ball ever gets rolling on project again) would be the ability to edit posts. Thanks for the app.

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