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Video From 6680 and Treo 650

Here are two samples of video, one shot with the Nokia 6680 and the other with the Treo 650. Both are just shots of a few seconds of traffic out of the window at the office. The Nokia sample was … Continue reading

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Picture Sets in Natural Light

As I promised, here are some images from natural light while wandering over to the office today. First from the Treo: Treo Flowers Treo Building Treo Street And then from the VGA camera in the 6680: 6680 VGA Flowers 6680 … Continue reading

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Treo 650 vs. 6680

I recently did a very geeky post about the Treo650 and all the apps you can put on it. I’m gonna swing back the other way and do an ungeeky post this time. I recently became the proud new owner … Continue reading

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Vagablog Released as Open Source

I won the Treo 650 in the raffle at Palm DevCon a few weeks ago. I’ve also been bitching to folks at Palm about how they need to do a better job seeding their developer community. Not serving, seeding. There … Continue reading

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Mobile Monday Meeting in New York

I just got this message from Dan Melinger: Hello all you NYC-area lurkers out there. This coming Monday at d.b.a. (wifi and a garden, what more could you want?) we will be holding what I believe is the first NYC … Continue reading

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